10 Inventive Ways to Remodel Your Attic

One frustrating experience that almost every homeowner with an attic encounters at some point in their life is trying to figure out how to use the space. Often, the attic ends up being a cluttered, disorganized storage space with no elements of originality, pleasant design, or productive living.

Luckily, this doesn’t have to be the case! Here are some brief ideas to help stimulate your own planning to make your attic a useful and aesthetically interesting part of the home.

Reading Room

Need a quiet space away from all the noise and interruptions to sit down and read for a while? Convert your attic into a cozy, calm space and watch how much more quickly you can catch up on your reading!

Home Office

If you’ve always wanted to get some extra work done at home (or are considering becoming self-employed) but have never been able to find a space in your house to do it, try remodeling your attic into the perfect workspace! This works especially well with bright, energizing colors.


Someone moving in and need an extra room for them? Or finding it difficult to sleep in your old room for any number of frustrating reasons? With the help of some creative decor and a natural-looking color combination, your attic can be the perfect place to model a bedroom.

Art Studio

You might find your creative urges being stifled by an overcrowded or busy living area. If that’s the case, there might not be a solution more ideal than using your attic as your own private studio. Fill up the space with art supplies, create a wide-open area, and let your imagination run wild!

Kids’ Space

Many parents have found that the best way to let their kids burn off some extra energy is to model a play space for them. What better part of the house to do this than the attic? You can even make it a combined playroom and bedroom by adding a quirky and fun bunk bed, ensuring both a lot of play time and a quick place to rest when they’ve tired themselves out.

Guest Room

When you’re having guests over and want to give them a unique and exciting experience, the attic might just be the best place to start. Use a tranquil combination of white with natural, soothing shades of brown or gray and top it off with a large, comfortable bed. In no time at all, you will have a relaxing, impressive bedroom that will be sure to impress anyone who stays over!


A home theater is practically the perfect dream room for cinema enthusiasts. Well, why not take advantage of unused space in your home attic? This idea can work spectacularly well if your attic is shaped in a more rectangular fashion, but the simple addition of some movie posters can make the theater experience feel real no matter the shape.

Rustic Charm

It’s an incredibly common and irritating feeling to want to return to a simpler style of living more in touch with nature but not having the ability to do so. A rustic style attic, however, can make up for this feeling by creating the perfect, charming illusion of natural decor.

This effect works best using mostly wood material for your drawers, tables, shelves, and other furniture.


If you or your family are huge book lovers, then a home library might as well be a necessity! Fortunately, you probably already have the book part covered, so all that’s needed to convert your attic space to a library is some shelving, a comfy couch or sofa for reading, and some natural, tranquil color patterns.

Extra Dining Room

Having more than one dining area can make perfect sense if you want to divide your meals between more comfortable, informal, or family meals and more formal occasions, like entertaining guests. In that case, your attic can be easily converted into a dining room by setting up the right table, colors, lighting, and decor!

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