5 Basic Tips and Tricks for Arranging Flowers

If you have any interest in arranging your flowers to bring out extra beauty in the home, you’ve probably run into plenty of frustration along the way. Not only can it sometimes seem impossible to place the flowers in a way that makes the most sense, but you also might run into issues with caring for and maintaining the plants. But there are some simple and handy hints to keep in mind that will get you on the right track and relieve all that stress!

A Center Focus

Your first instinct might be to try to find as many eye-catching plants as possible and position them as clearly as possible. However, this usually isn’t a good idea. Often, what works best is to arrange all the flowers around a single, big focal plant that will tie the whole arrangement together.

This advice might seem boring at first, but it has a basic unity to it that will ensure your arrangement doesn’t get cluttered or confusing. In other words, trying to be less obviously impressive can have a bigger impact than if you had gone all out. Minimalism is popular for a reason, after all!

Caring for the Flowers

The best arrangement in the world won’t help you if the flowers you’re working with are unhealthy and poorly taken care of. A wilted, sickly looking, or poorly cut plant will not only drain all the beauty out of the scene but also last a shorter amount of time and eat into your budget in the process!

To prevent this from happening, helpful guidelines would be to allow them as much space as you can when adding them a vase or pot, cut away any unwanted leaves from your flowers’ stems, and, of course, water the plants regularly. These tips aren’t guaranteed to keep your flowers looking their best, but they will certainly help.

Keep It Simple

In the same spirit of minimalism mentioned earlier, you should generally avoid going for an overly complicated or elaborate arrangement. While this can sound like a way to help make the flowers more visually interesting, it sometimes results in clashing elements and stimulation overload. Instead, it’s a good idea to adopt an attitude of elegant simplicity.

Balancing the basic with the beautiful can be challenging at first, but usually the answer is very intuitive and easy to come to! For example, displaying your favorite pieces while avoiding any unnecessary additions can be a great happy medium. You also might try an arrangement that makes use of seasonal plants to keep a consistent theme and avoid confusion.

Expensive Isn’t Necessary

If price is a major concern for you, then you can put your doubts to rest right now; a high budget is not a requirement for an impressive flower arrangement. Money can always be helpful, but there are plenty of ways to get around the issue of cost without sacrificing a pleasant aesthetic feel with your layout.

In fact, cutting down on costs can be as easy as incorporating succulent plants, which tend to both be visually appealing and very cheap to purchase. Alternatively, you might try reusing older materials that you included with previous arrangements; after all, there’s no reason to throw out elements that you know work just because they aren’t new!

Make It True to Yourself

Finally, the most crucial and effective way to make your flower arrangement work is put your own personality and unique tastes into it. Rather than going with the current trends or trying to fit your own layout into a style that doesn’t reflect your preferences, arrange your flowers in a way that reflects your own identity!

One fantastic thing that can help with this is to make use of flowers that you’ve grown in your own home garden, if you have one. Not only is this a great way to save money, but it can also be a perfect method for putting your personal brand on your flower arrangement.

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