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5 Fashionable and Creative Nail Styles for Women

Picking a nail care routine can be a tricky thing for women and the issue is only compounded by how many different and unique nail styles there are to choose from. While the one you ultimately choose will come down to a matter of personal taste and preference, there are nonetheless a few particularly inventive and dazzling styles that you should at least consider.

Here are five of the most stylish, original, and eye-grabbing nail styles to get your creative juices flowing and help you as you develop a nail care routine that works perfectly for your individual fashion!


Coffin nails are a perfect style to choose if you want to go for something bold and attention catching. Also commonly referred to as ballerina nails due to their resemblance to a ballerina’s slipper, these nails make use of a flat tip that helps give them something of a daring appearance. If you strongly want to avoid a boring or dated nail style, you can’t go wrong with picking coffin nails!

When it comes to picking a design, this style can go very well with pink and other light colors, trendy art, and a glittering or sparkly appearance. Try experimenting with some different designs and see which ones speak to you.


Those who want a more pronounced curve for their nails than the traditional round style might be interested in oval nails! With this style, both the sides and the tips of the nail are filed; something that can be extremely helpful if you’re trying to give your fingers a more graceful and slender impression.

In design and art terms, this style makes for a particularly good combination with acrylics, black polish or other dark colors, glittering effects, and more exotic or outside-the-box combinations. This is really a style that you can let your imagination run wild with, so see what other fantastic, original ideas you can come up with!


Do you have shorter nails that might interfere with some other popular styles? No need to feel limited the square nail style has you covered! As the name suggests, these nails are square and feature straight corners and flat tops. A great alternative if you want something different than a classic round nail style.

Designs of a more luxurious or artistic vein often go very well with square nails. This can include bold and bright color combinations, detailed patterns pearls, and geometric shapes. It’s usually a good idea to try and mix and match some of these options and note what works best together.


Almond nails are quite like oval nails, but this style differs in that it’s more tapered than the latter, which can emphasize the already stunning effect of the oval style. This nail style is ideal if you either want a very visually noticeable impact with your nails or are a big fan of gel and acrylics as one or the other will usually be necessary to support the shape.

Some design ideas you might find especially appealing for this style are black and white coloring, alternating color stripes, different 3D effects, or bold patterns. As always, creative experimentation is key if you want to find the perfect almond design for your own sense of style!


Lastly, if you want to make a big impression with your style or have all eyes immediately on your nails, there’s no way to go wrong with the stiletto style. These nails have a spiked resemblance to them and make for a very dramatic and edgy appearance.

Designs that go fantastic with the stiletto style include ice cream cone art, black or red coloring, and any patterns or ideas that incorporate crystals. Luckily, with this style, you can’t go too big or too extreme so you can just press forward with your brainstorming process and see how far your ideas can take you!

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