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8 Stylish and Unique Carpets and Rugs for Your Home

As you decorate your home and try to come up with creative and exciting choices that also have a pleasing aesthetic, it’s impossible not to consider what you plan on doing for your home’s carpets and rugs. And many people find that this question can pose quite a difficult challenge!

However, once you narrow down the selection to a handful of the best rug and carpet choices you can find, the decision becomes much easier. Here are some of the most exciting, original, and stylish choices you for your home decor’s carpet and rug selection!

Textured Carpet

Often chosen for its unique ability to cover up or lessen marks and dirt, textured carpet is a great choice for those who lead busy and physically exciting lives. This ability is provided mainly by the fact that this carpet uses double tones, which also makes a stylistically interesting option. Additionally, the tufts of the carpet have multiple lengths will helps with both the aesthetic and its concealing ability.

Geometric Rug

The geometric rug is a fantastic choice for those who prefer a bolder and more unique type of rug for their home. Consisting of one or more geometric patterns, this type of rug immediately catches the eye and can have guests’ attention on it in a heartbeat.

Because of the many different pattern combinations, it’s also a wonderful way to showcase your own unique style and give your home a personal, one-of-a-kind atmosphere!

Saxony Carpet

If you need a carpet for a more refined or formal area, you can’t go wrong with the Saxony carpet. What it lacks in durability or concealing prowess, it more than makes up for with its elegant and sophisticated appearance. Saxony carpet is generally a great choice for when you’ll be entertaining guests or setting a polished, classier atmosphere for a specific room or section of the home.

Braided Rug

Those who are looking for a more traditional, American-influenced style of rug will be interested in a braided rug for their home! These rugs are made when multiple pieces of cloth are braided and then sewn together. While they can come in several shapes, they are most commonly round.

This type of rug is a fantastic option for anyone who wants a more rustic and classical style for their home decor.

Looped Carpet

Looped carpet is another excellent selection for a room with a more formal and elegant atmosphere. This carpet type has a unique, highly appealing sense of style that makes it perfect for entertaining guests or celebrating your sophisticated tastes!

Keep in mind that this carpet selection should usually be avoided for homes with a lot of physical activity as it can be very difficult to repair when damaged.

Bohemian Rug

If you’re going for a bold, attention-grabbing decor choice, a Bohemian rug might be the perfect option. These rugs have complex and detailed patterns and often combine multiple colors in a loud and unique manner. It’s also common for them to fuse different patterns together to add to the impressiveness of the design.

If you want to make your sense of style abundantly clear right away, the Bohemian style of rug can absolutely get the job done!

Oval Rug

Looking for a rug that can fit in many parts of the house and adapt well to different decor choices? An oval rug might be the answer! The simple and convenient shape allows for many varied uses when it comes to the oval rug style.

Frieze Carpet

Those who need a carpet for a very busy area of the home need not feel left out; a Frieze carpet is one of the best choices you can make! This type of carpet is highly durable and resistant to damage and can withstand the activity of kids or a physically active lifestyle. Combined with its exceptional ability to cover tracks from shoes, and it’s no wonder that this is such a popular choice for people focused on usefulness.

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