A Definitive Guide to Tiny Homes

If you’ve ever found yourself interested in living in a tiny home, you probably asked yourself a few questions in the process. Questions like “Why do people choose tiny homes in the first place?” and “How do I go about looking into the matter?” almost certainly came to mind at one point or another.

And you might be relieved to know that these questions have plain and simple answers! Here’s a quick overview of the why’s and how’s of finding a tiny home that’s right for you as well as some general tips to make the journey smoother.

Benefits of Tiny Homes

There are many huge advantages to living in a tiny house and one of the biggest is cost. Tiny homes are, as a rule, extraordinarily cheaper than traditional houses and the idea of not needing a mortgage is often more than enough to push people in this direction!

And this cheapness doesn’t just apply to the initial cost; due to their smaller size, maintaining a tiny home is also much less expensive than if you’d gone the conventional route. Other massive appeals for a tiny house include the simplicity of it, how easy it is to maintain, and more effective potential for movement.

Finding the Right One

For those who have decided they’d like to live in a tiny house but haven’t quite picked out a good fit yet, there’s no need to panic! Generally, a few simple tips are all it takes to set your search on the right path.

Start by picturing the main things you want out of your new home and get a firm image in your mind. Then, find the style or type of home that most closely matches your mental picture (e.g., a shipping container home, micro-apartment, or even tiny luxury home).

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices to a single style or category, it will be a whole lot easier to pick the perfect house!


After you’ve finished deciding what specific kind of tiny home you’re interested in, one option (and probably the simplest one) is to buy a version of it that already exists. While this might seem daunting at first, it’s an easy and simple process if you keep a few basic facts in mind!

First, you should keep an eye on your budget. Tiny houses are certainly cheaper than their traditional counterparts, but that doesn’t mean every house will be within your price range. It’s also a good idea to check zoning restrictions for the area you have in mind or research the location you want it to be delivered to if you’re planning on purchasing a pre-made home.


Alternatively, you might decide to go through the steps to build a tiny house on your own. This is a good option for those who want to reduce costs or who simply prefer a more DIY lifestyle in general! If this applies to you, look at some of these handy tips:

To start with, you’ll want to plan and design the house carefully; it’s often extremely useful to look at other plans or designs for inspiration in this stage. Following this step is the part where you pick the perfect area of land for your new home. Finally, go through all the construction steps: flooring, framing, installations, painting, plumbing and electricity, insulation, etc.

The last step occurs after you’ve moved into your new home and this is, paradoxically, sometimes the most challenging of them all: Living comfortably! That’s not to suggest that living in a tiny home is any more inherently difficult than living in a conventional house, but there are a few unique obstacles to keep in mind.
For example, if you have small children, you’ll want to go over some of the specific needs they have and come up with a course of action to meet them effectively. It might also be helpful to consider joining or integrating into a tiny home community that can help you adjust along the way!

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