Bedroom Furniture Ideas And Styles

Are you re-doing your bedroom to freshen up your look, or are you filling a new house with brand new furnishings?  Choosing bedroom furniture can be a fun task, but sometimes it can be overwhelming to choose between all that is out there.  Here is a quick guide on some popular styles and bedroom pieces that you can use for your bedroom.  Hopefully this will get your creative juices flowing.

Mid Century Modern

Mid century modern furniture is making a comeback.  Clean lines and minimalistic style is in right now, and mid century modern fits this to a t.  It’s similar to Scandanavian but it has its own flair and pizzazz.  You can buy furniture that was actually made during this time period although it might be rather expensive.  Furniture stores such as Wyeth specialize in this style of antique mid century modern.

You can spice up this style with some extra color, or dress it down into a minimalistic look that doesn’t take up too much space.  The sophisticated look is excellent for those looking to spruce up older houses or apartments with a new look.


Scandinavian is also very popular these days, with minimalist style and clean lines.  Think IKEA.  Low bed frames and minimal embellishments mean that this style can be very affordable and give your home a much needed freshening up.  Many people are embracing minimalism right now, and a well-decorated and thought out minimalist Scandinavian bedroom can be extremely relaxing in that it is clutter free and not overwhelming.  This is bolstered by the general neutral and quiet tones of the color choices that most Scandinavian furniture utilizes.  Again, neutral tones can always be brightened up by a vibrant throw pillow or blanket.

Shabby Chic

This has been popular for a little while – think distressed furniture that has a very ornamental look.  Muted colors and pastels are the norm for the actual furniture itself – then it’s up to you to adorn it with either bright colors or continue with the muted and relaxing tone.

The good thing about shabby chic is that you can get some very nice pieces for relatively little money – it just depends on what you’re looking for.  Generally shabby chic utilizes fluffy bedding with lots of pillows, making this style popular among women vs bachelors.


Repurposed style furniture is another very hot style at the moment.  This type of furniture makes use of wood and other materials salvaged from either old buildings, furniture, or other sources.  The wood generally maintains a distressed and used look, but with careful shaping the pieces of furniture are actually very elegant.

Many repurposed furniture pieces are unique due to the fact that the material sourced is all unique.  Many people get custom made furniture made out of repurposed wood, adding an heirloom quality to their bedrooms.  If you want the repurposed look for slightly cheaper you can buy furniture that has the unfinished, raw look of repurposed furniture without the high price tag.


A coastal look is a great idea for beach cottages and houses, or to brighten up a home that is far from the beach.  Generally coastal furniture uses white colors or off white, and has a bright, summery look.  This is dressed up with white and pastel bedding or colors, often adorned with nautical themes such as seashells, boats, and other maritime symbols.  Seashells often play a prominent feature in the look and feel of coastal inspired decor and bedroom furniture.



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