Chair Inspiration For Your Home

Chairs – something so common, but picking the right ones can have a massive impact on the overall look and feel of your home.  From armchairs to dining room chairs, there are a number of places where your stylistic choice can have control over a room.

When most people think about picking chairs they think about the dining room as there are more chairs in there than anywhere else in the home.  However you can have chairs in a number of other places in your home as well, and adding a chair to a room can boost its warmth and comfort.

While the list of chair types and styles is endless, let’s take a look at some basic chair styles and places.

Dining Room Chairs

The dining room is the place where there are more chairs than any other place in your home.  Not all homes have dining rooms – sometimes they are just an extension of the kitchen.  Usually you want to consider the rest of the house in your stylistic choice – is your home farmhouse, mid century modern, modern, contemporary?  This will likely be the main thing driving your choice.  Dining room chairs typically come in sets of even numbers, although individual chairs can be custom ordered.  Dining room chairs can be hard wood, upholstered, and have arms.

Arm chairs usually sit at the heads of the table, and side chairs (without arms) are along the sides.  However, many modern table sets do away with the arm chairs in favor of all matching armless chairs.

Dining room chairs come in a variety of styles, however the most common ones are traditional, modern/contemporary, mission/shaker, ladderback, and Windsor.  There is definitely some crossover and liberties taken with chair names, so it’s not an exact science.  But a general knowledge of the types available is helpful when picking out a style.

Living Room Chairs

Living rooms are often the location of more plush seating such as sofas and loveseats.  However, some living rooms feature chair sets, such as for a side table.  It really depends on how much room you have.

Armchairs and lounge chairs are very popular and come in a variety of styles, from traditional to midcentury modern and more.  Some armchairs come with matching foot rests and some recline.  If you have a side table that is a great place for a lone decorative chair, and this is a popular option for people who have inherited an antique chair or heirloom.

Bedroom Chairs

Putting a chair off to the side in your bedroom is a very popular stylistic choice if you have room for it.  It can break up the feel of your room and give it a more luxury tone.  Adding a chic side table is also a great idea, giving you a place to read or simply put on your shoes.

Bedrooms are another great place for a one-off chair that you need to find a place for.

Bathroom Chairs

Putting a chair in a bathroom is similar to putting one in your bedroom – luxury feel and a way to break up your bathroom and make it feel less utilitarian.  Chairs can be a great place for a mom to sit while tending to her child taking a bath.  Antique chairs can also be a very decorative item and be a good alternative to shelving.  Take a look at how this decorative antique chair makes a great place to put towels.

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Take a look at how this vibrant tiger stripe chair breaks up the bathroom but gives it some much needed color and pizzazz.  You don’t even need to find a use for the chair itself…it can just exist as a purely decorative item:

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