Easy and Handy Tips for Yard Trees

For anyone who wants to take their home’s yard to the next level by adding some beautiful trees to the mix, problems can soon emerge. How does one go about finding the best type of tree for their yard? What is the ideal way to trim, prune, and maintain your trees? Though these questions can seem daunting at first, a few simple guidelines are all it will take to get headed in the right direction. Here are some brief tips for making your yard trees the best they can be!

Picking the Right Type

Before you start with maintaining the trees and making them look perfect, it’s important to choose the best type for your yard. This can seem complicated at first, so it might be best to stick to a few of the most popular types and see which one fits with your yard.

Dogwood, for example, is a fantastic choice if you’re looking for a more striking look that can be sustained throughout the entire year, while tulip and silver maple trees are both excellent options if you want your trees to serve as a nice shady spot in the yard. Try out some different choices and see which one clicks for you!

Selecting Tools

Once you have your ideal tree, you’ll need to have the right tools to trim and prune it properly. Luckily, there are a handful of simple and common must-have options that are usually all it takes to get the job done!

First, you’ll want a good set of shears for simple and small cuts, typically on twigs. It’s also extremely helpful to have loppers as these work well for cutting average sized branches. Lastly, it’s a very good idea to have a pole pruner, which can be used to prune branches that might otherwise be almost impossible to reach.

Timing the Trimming

Almost as helpful as having the right tools for trimming or pruning your yard tree is making sure that you’re doing it at the right time. But this is also easy enough to figure out if you keep a few things in mind!

While it’s always, no matter the time of year, a good idea to prune your tree, it’s best to time it for some point in the winter. Ideally, this should happen either in the middle of winter or immediately afterward. However, this can also depend on the type of tree, as some trees might benefit from an earlier or later trimming.

Cutting Branches

After you’ve planned the right time to start pruning your tree, the next step is to start cutting the branches. Since this is the most important part of all, it’s crucial to keep in mind a few key details.

Properly cutting a tree branch generally means making three separate cuts. Firstly, you’ll want to cut off the branch’s weight and then repeat this process with the second cut. The third and final cut is meant to allow for a callus; a callus from a pruned tree branch is extraordinarily beneficial for the overall health of the tree.

Three cuts are all it takes to perfectly prune your tree branch and ensure the look and health of your yard!

Additional Tips

If you’re wanting more information to bring your yard trees to even better health, there are fortunately a vast number of tips that you can use for them. When it comes to pruning your tree, for example, it’s usually better to bring in experienced workers if you’re dealing with a particularly large tree. On the other hand, a smaller fruit tree can often be a spectacular introduction to maintaining a yard tree and learning to take care of it.

Finally, taking a little time every day to look closely at your tree and see if you notice any dead or unhealthy material can be key to sustaining its health. Try to find a little space during the day where you can observe your tree and watch out for signs of deterioration!

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