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Easy and Useful Guide for Beard Care

Many men are shocked to discover that the process of grooming and taking care of their beard can be a lot more difficult than it sounds! Issues with itchiness, hair length, and finding the proper tools can soon emerge and create obstacles for what was supposed to be a simple thing. That being said, there are a few key guidelines you can keep in mind to streamline the act of grooming and taking care of your beard.

Here are five simple tips that will make your beard look and feel better while your life gets a whole lot easier!

Grow It Out First

It might seem obvious, but a lot of men try to get ahead of the game by styling and grooming their beard before they’ve given it enough time to grow properly. This is a bad idea!
Instead, you should wait until your beard grows to about an inch in length or a little longer before you start attempting to trim and groom it. This typically takes roughly a few months to complete. While it might be frustrating to have to wait so long before you can get started, you will quickly find that just a little bit of patience can have a big payoff.

Dealing with Itchiness

Another common complaint that acts as a roadblock for many men who try to maintain their beard is itchiness. And, to any guy who’s experienced it, this problem can be a big one! However, there are some neat tricks you can try to cut down on the irritation from an itchy beard.

Making sure to wash your beard every day is often all it takes to avoid excess itchiness. On the other hand, you should also avoid washing your beard too frequently as this can sometimes make the problem worse. Lastly, you might want to try a specially made beard oil to make the irritation more manageable.

Picking the Right Tools

One factor that often stumps men who are trying to effectively groom and care for their beards is the matter of tools. You might find yourself worrying or obsessing over whether you’re using the right trimmer or tool to take care of the job.

Fortunately, this is a pretty simple matter! The best beard care and grooming usually combines an electric trimmer for the edge of the beard with scissors for most of the hair. These two simple tools are, in most cases, more than enough to take care of your beard effectively.

Use Shampoo and Conditioner

A simple detail that you might completely overlook while grooming your beard is what kind of soap and hair care products you use to wash it with. It’s much better to use shampoo in place of bar soap for your beard and to make use of it regularly during the week. Additionally, you’ll usually see much better results for your beard when you use a conditioner in combination with the shampoo.

Lastly, a lot of men find that it helps to put product in their beard as well, though you should be careful to avoid any product that negatively affects the pores of your skin!

Trimming It

It is crucially important to keep in mind a few tips for trimming your beard to achieve the best results. Firstly, trim it regularly! How frequently this is will depend on how short you want your beard and can range from anywhere from every few weeks to every couple of months.

You’ll also want to make sure to comb your beard before trimming so that all the hair goes in the same direction. Next, you’ll want to gradually lower the settings of the trimmer as you work until you get to a length you’re happy with. Once finished with this step, take a close look at your beard and see if you can spot any issues.

You might be surprised at just how easy the beard care process has gotten with these short tips!

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