Fences – Types, Designs, And Inspiration

Are you looking to add a fence to your yard?  There are a number of different materials and styles to choose from; so many so that it can be a daunting challenge to choose one!  Sometimes people have an exact style they want in mind – for example, the famous “white picket fence”.  Others want to opt for something more modern, such as farmhouse fencing or semi-private fencing.

On top of the actual size and shape of the fence you must also choose what material you would like it to be made out of.  Sometimes the style narrows down your options, however there are generally a vast array of options to choose from.

Let’s take a look at some of the more popular styles today in terms of fences:

Picket fences are spaced out and generally translucent – you can see through them.  They are generally low, and often made of wood but can also be found in vinyl, pvc, and metals.  There are a few different styles of picket fence, includign the space, solid, and gothic.  Often times picket fences have pointed ends on the vertical posts.

Rail fences or split rail fences are most often associated with farms and horse pastures.  These are made of very spaced out posts with two or three cross beams.  These aren’t as great at keeping smaller animals or children in or out, and don’t provide much privacy.  They are generally used to delineate property or to keep larger animals in.  Rail fences are generally made of wood.

Privacy fences are used for just that – privacy.  They are solid with no spaces, and are generally over 5′ high to ensure that people can’t peek over.  Privacy fences can be made of a variety of material, including wood, pvc, and composites.

Semi Private fences or privacy fences with lattice tops are also very popular, especially in California.  Some of these types of fences are lower, and have a variety of different shapes and styles.  Some fencing companies will call certain styles by different names, so it can help to find pictures of fencing styles that you like.

Iron fences are long lasting and are good for property delineation as well as keeping small animals such as dogs in a yard (and other animals out).  Iron fences can add a modern look to your yard, although some people find them too harsh looking for residential homes.

Chain link fences are the most utilitarian fencing on the market.  Nobody has ever uttered the words “wow look at that attractive chain link fence!”, but they are cheap and do the job.  It can provide security and deter people from entering your property.

Once you have the style of fencing you want, you can then decide on a material.  There are a few popular materials to choose from, as well as some exotic or rare materials.

Wood – Wood fences are classic and give your home a very warm appearance.  Depending on the style that you get, the cost can vary.  There are a few different types of wood that you can choose from, such as cedar, white oak, and pine.  The type of wood can impact the look of your fence if you go for using the natural color, or you can just get the cheapest wood if you want to paint it.

PVC/Vinyl – PVC and vinyl fencing are very cheap options and last quite a long time.  They don’t have to be treated or painted, and come in a huge variety of styles.  The downside is that they do look a little cheap and don’t give your home a luxury feel.

Iron – Iron is long lasting and stable.  Some do not like the look of wrought iron fences, however you can get them in a variety of styles and shapes.  Iron fences can be more difficult to climb if there are no horizontal bars.

Aluminum – aluminum is another alternative material for your fence that is long lasting and secure.  Aluminum also needs very little in the way of maintenance over its lifespan.

REMEMBER – if you are installing a fence yourself, ensure that you call 811 to ensure you won’t hit any gas or other important lines, otherwise you could either put yourself in danger or be fined a huge amount of money.


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