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Most Popular and Interesting Types of Tableware

In the act of tracking down the best tableware or china set for your home use, you might find yourself curious and even nervous about the different styles to choose from. It is, after all, a known fact that no one wants to select a type of tableware only to find that it doesn’t fit with their tastes at all.

Thankfully, a simple overview of the most popular and broadly appealing types or styles of china sets and tableware is enough to point you in the right direction. Here is a description of some of these categories and why so many people find them perfect for their homes!


An excellent choice for those who want to strike a balance between fashionable and casual, stone tableware is known for its durability, thickness, and flexible usability. While perhaps not as fanciful as other common types of tableware, this style is still extremely pleasant to use and look at and it works well in a wide variety of settings.

It also has the advantage of being incredibly easy and simple to use, clean, and maintain; you’re much less likely to worry about breaking or permanently damaging this type of tableware than some of the other, more fragile styles.

Overall, this choice works wonderfully if you’re looking for the perfect combination between style and usefulness.


Porcelain, also referred to as fine china, is highly sought after for formal or elegant gatherings and occasions. Because this type of tableware is fired at such high temperatures, it develops a high level of translucence which has become a part of its signature aesthetic. Sometimes this style is also combined with precious metals such as platinum or gold and this adds greatly to its regal and stylish appearance.

But make no mistake: This style is very durable, so don’t think of it as too delicate for regular use! Porcelain tableware should generally be regarded as a fantastic option if you are searching for a fashionable look and a durable material.


Pewter is a slightly less common material used for tableware, but that shouldn’t be taken to mean anything negative. The great thing about this style is that there’s a great deal of variety, perhaps more than most types; for example, you can find tableware with just a small incorporation of pewter while others will be made entirely of the alloy.

This style has a sort of rustic vibe to it and this often meshes perfectly with an industrial aesthetic if that appeals to you. In any case, pewter tableware is likely to make a great addition to your home if you find yourself drawn to it!


There are many unique characteristics of glass tableware that have made it an extremely popular choice over the years. For example, the appearance of this style is usually distinctly opaque, and this makes for a stylish, idiosyncratic look.

Additionally, glass tableware is typically made of vitrified glass specifically, which ensures a reliable durability to the material. In other words, you can easily put this material in a dishwasher or microwave without any damage. Depending on the quality of the glassware, you might even find that your table set can escape falls and accidents with not even a scratch on it.


Lastly, there’s earthenware, a style that has come to be known for a great number and variety of special advantages. Chief among these benefits is price, as this type of dinnerware tends to be less costly than other popular styles.

It also, like pewter tableware, has a rustic aesthetic; in other words, if that type of look appeals to you but you have a more limited price range, earthenware might just be able to do the trick. While this style does tend to be more fragile than some of the others, the advantages of price and aesthetics can outweigh the risk of damage for many and make this type of dinnerware a wonderful choice.

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