Patio And Outdoor Furniture Ideas And Types

Setting up an outdoor patio can be a very fun thing to do, and you can get super creative with your space whether it is small or large.  Patio decorating is one of my favorite things as you can really play around with plants, lights, and other fun stuff.  A nice patio can be extremely relaxing and a great place to entertain guests in warm weather.

There are definitely some overall major style groups for patio furniture, from modern and minimal to beach cottage to shabby chic and repurposed and reclaimed wood.  However there are some customizations that you can do to make the patio your space entirely – and unlike any patio that’s out there.

Start With The Basics

First of all, decide how much seating you want in your space.  This is a first step – you don’t want to run out of room for people to sit down.  What good is a fancy outdoor bar if nobody can sit down?

Pick out what sort of patio chairs you want.  Do you want plush cushioned chairs?  Or do you want easy to care for vinyl or aluminum furniture?  Wood furniture is always the pinnacle of style however it does need maintenance in order to maintain its sheen and not fall into disrepair.

Do you want a table?  Decide whether you want round or rectangle, and how many seats you need.  A two person table is great for a small patio, and a 6 person table great for large patios with big families.  Again, material is up to you and how much maintenance you’ll want to do on your furniture.

Adding a unique one off seat such as a small loveseat or a chaise lounge is another way to break up the seating and give yourself more comfortable options for say, reading a book by yourself.  A hammock is another creative and boho option that many people have opted for in order to give themselves a great afternoon napping spot.

Light It Up

One of my favorite things to play around with for outdoor porch and patio spaces is outdoor lighting.  My personal favorite is warm, string market lights.  These are made up of large bare clear bulbs spaced about a foot apart.  They cast a warm light and are very festive without being too tacky.  They are very popular right now.  Stringing market lights through the trees is another great way to illuminate your foliage at night and create the illusion of a tropical or forest paradise.

Tiki torches are a time honored favorite, but for something a bit more eco friendly there are solar powered lights and torches that you can scatter around your patio for some extra mood lighting.

Block and tower candles in hurricane lamps are an awesome way to really spruce up a patio that needs an extra something to finish it off.  I love the way simple candles or even a real oil lamp can give your patio a very relaxing and homey feel.

Get Mixie

If you fancy yourself a good mixologist, one of my favorite things to put on a backyard patio or even porch is a mini bar.  A small three seat bar is a really fun way to make your space not only festive but creative and fun for guests.  This can give your backyard a clubhouse feel, which many people really like.  Finish it off with some darts or another small bar game and you’ll have your secret club hideaway finished off.

Cover It Up

Depending on your climate and when you expect to be out on your patio you might want to invest in either a stationary awning or sun shade.  Retractable awnings are another good way to give yourself some options if you might want sun one minute and shade the next (or a covering from a passing thunderstorm).  Check out our article all about awnings to give yourself a good idea of what available options you have.

Another option is to install a pergola covering to add some richness to your patio and give it a very resort like feel.

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