Simple Tips and Tricks for Making the Perfect Dollhouse

A dollhouse is a wonderful DIY project for those who appreciate the style but also want to add their own unique sense of taste into the mix. Though this can seem daunting at first, a few basic guidelines are all it takes to be well on your way to making an ideal dollhouse for your children or family a wonderful reality!

Here are some helpful recommendations (and a brief history of the craft) to get you prepared and inspired to make something beautiful and special with your DIY dollhouse.

A Short History

To really understand the art of making a beautiful dollhouse, you must understand the highlights of its history. And this history goes back hundreds of years, all the way to the 1600’s! Initially, these early dollhouses were meant primarily to display the wealth and status of the families that owned them.

But, over time, the craft evolved beyond its origin as a mere status symbol. By the time of the Industrial Revolution, dollhouses had become significantly more common and affordable. This trend only picked up with mass production during World War II and this sparked a great deal of creativity, imagination, and artistic experimentation with the dollhouse.

Bradford Doll House


So, now that we have a solid understanding of the more creative aspects of making a dollhouse, how do we go about building your own? A good place to start is picking out the colors as the choice of color is usually the first thing people notice.

As a rule, bright colors tend to work best for dollhouses. This isn’t an absolute and there are many exciting themes that utilize darker colors, but if this is your first time making one, it might be better to start with more conventional colors. But there’s no need to feel limited by this! Pinks and yellows, warm reds, eye-catching oranges, and some combination of these bright colors can give you a seemingly infinite number of options for your DIY dollhouse.

Artwork and Characters

One excellent way to add a bit of life to the dollhouse you’re making is to fill both the inside and outside with decorative artwork and whimsical characters. For example, you might opt for elaborate patterns and geometric paintings you can place on the walls of the inside of the house.

Additionally, you could create a whole themed cast of characters and put them in the appropriate rooms. Entire circles of friends, family members, and neighbors could come together to give the house a sense of occupancy and activity. This is an area where you can really let your inner child and imagination run wild!


Often overlooked, dollhouse furniture is a crucial way to really sell the illusion of this being a real house for your characters. Because of this, it’s best to be careful and considerate when choosing your furniture and what parts of the house to put it in.

One common idea is to design your own large bookshelf to be placed in either a bedroom or library, while other possibilities include color-coordinated beds, chairs, and sofas as well as a grand and traditional fireplace for the dollhouse’s family room or a large, fancy dining table. You might even decide to go out with a miniature home cinema!


Given that the exterior is where the attention will immediately be drawn when looking at the dollhouse, it’s wise to make it look as interesting, pleasant, and exciting as possible. Luckily, there are no shortage of design choices in that department!

Some exceptional, unique, and spectacularly creative ways to make the exterior of your dollhouse one of a kind include a shoebox house, a treehouse, a dollhouse built into a suitcase, and more. The possibilities are practically unlimited, so try a quick brainstorming session and see what other eccentric and playful designs you might be able to come up with for the exterior.

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