Time-Tested Ideas to Perfect Your Driveway

While there are a vast number of ideas out there to experiment with your driveway design, there inevitably comes a time when you’ll have to choose from a handful of options that you’ve narrowed down. For this step, people often find that the best, most effective way to get the perfect desired result is to look at the basic types of driveways, play around with some common ideas, and see where your own originality takes you. In that spirit, here are 10 driveway ideas to look at that have stood the test of time!

Simple and Modern

For those really trying to get back to the basics, you can’t go wrong with a modern driveway design that features a sleek, elegant simplicity. This type of driveway design will ensure that you’ve picked a choice that manages to combine a stylish aesthetic with a utilitarian efficiency!


Trying to decide on which materials to use? A paver driveway has several advantages, including a high potential for creative and pleasant patterns, the ability to be combined with other materials without any additional headache, and a fashionable charm that you can’t go wrong with. Look into how a paver driveway fits with your existing ideas and you might find yourself loving the idea even more!


One area that is often sorely lacking in modern driveways is the natural, peaceful presence of plant life. Fortunately, this is something that can be easily remedied in your own driveway! Add some grass and your favorite green plants to the driveway area and you can watch the wild magic come to life.


The addition of gravel to your driveway design is often the last, missing ingredient to the perfect idea. Many find that gravel possibilities are practically endless, whether that means a contemporary, fanciful look or an exciting circular arrangement. And a little outside-the-box thinking can elevate a gravel driveway to the next level!

Colorful and Circular

Not only does a circular driveway go well with many materials and other ideas, but it can also be a fantastic way to make use of color. For example, you might set up an arrangement of colored bricks and form different patterns with it. Or you can come up with an entirely original and inventive variation of color for your circular driveway.


Irregularly shaped driveways have practical reservoirs of untapped potential. Interested in mixing colors in a way that is experimental while also having a classical sensibility? It’s hard to go wrong with the irregular driveway, which can be every bit of traditional as it can be innovative or creative.


A stone driveway screams fashionable and the best part is that this can be arrived at through many different options. One common idea is to go geometric with it and lay out the stone driveway in a masterfully patterned design. You might also decide to take it in a completely modernist direction and give the driveway a contemporary feel.


Several design factors can be artfully mixed to give a driveway a traditional appearance. Often, all it takes to achieve this effect is a combination of red with charcoal or placing bricks together in an irregular design; putting those two together might just be enough to get the job done!

Concrete and Asphalt

Looking for a quick, painless setup that also has no shortage of style and charm? Then, a driveway mixing concrete and asphalt could not be a better opportunity! While this might not be the ideal choice for a particularly snowy area, it will work wonders in warmer climates.


Of all the possible materials to use for your driveway, brick is potentially the best fit for a modernist or contemporary aesthetic. Brick driveways fuse together the simple, back-to-the-basics approach of the modernist sensibility while also maintaining a higher class look and feel.

Carefully combining a brick pattern with other materials and styles can be the fastest and easiest way to make the design for your driveway perfect!

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