Why and How to Live the Van Life

Many (and possibly even most) of us have had the fantasy at one point or another. To toss aside the shackles of conventional living and instead embrace your vehicle as your new homestead. While some shake off this thought and go back to their ‘normal’ life, others remain intrigued and find themselves seriously considering the possibility of ditching their old life and simplifying things immensely while still leaving plenty of room for excitement.

If that sounds like you, then look at some of the main advantages of the van life and how to best make use of them!


One of the first reasons many who live the van life bring up to explain their decision is freedom. And it’s a good one! To fully embrace the freedom that van living brings you, try to experience many of the things you’ve always wanted to do but could never find the time for, whether that be visiting a beautiful natural landmark or going to an unfamiliar city.


That adrenaline rush that comes from charging headfirst into the unknown simply can’t be overstated. Many find that feeling intoxicating and consider it to be one of the biggest draws of the van life. If you want to enjoy every second of this exciting energy, try to distance yourself from your old habits and routines to maximize the sense of novelty!


Those who feel that they’ve never had full or total control of their life might find the autonomy of van living unmatched in its freshness. In an ironic way, the best technique for engaging with this pleasant feeling of control is to create your own new routine. But the key is that it will be your routine and daily schedule, not somebody else’s.


The stresses of modern living often come from the overwhelming, unnecessary complexity of it all. And van life offers a highly tempting escape from this complexity! Try making do with only the absolute necessities and watch how quickly you begin to enjoy the simple things in life.


Among the biggest of the advantages for van living is cost; as you might expect, when you forgo the expenses of ordinary living you end up saving a huge amount of money. That said, effectively cutting down on your costs requires lifestyle changes beyond where you live, so keep an eye on your budget and how much you’re spending.


Another fantastic reason to jump into the van life is the enormous potential for travel. When your home can immediately take you anywhere you want to go, the possibilities for exploring the world become endless! A great tip here is to plan out a route for all the places you most want to visit in an order that makes the most sense.


The very real room for personal growth can’t be discounted when we talk about vehicle living. Having open eyes and an eager attitude to deal with any challenges that might come your way is the best policy if you want to grow as a person through your van life experiences.


A sense of community and strong bond with others who embrace this lifestyle is a welcome benefit to van life for most. See if you can make connections and meet with others who have also taken to vehicle living and see if you can get your own small community going!


In this world of overwork and massive career stress, some free time to focus on your passions and hobbies can feel heavenly. Do some self-reflection and experiment with different interests and projects to help make your van life the journey it deserves to be!


Finally, exposure to nature and the outdoors is also a massive appeal to many who feel stuck indoors in their ordinary life. To really get the full relief of the connection between nature and a vehicle home, try to stay situated in natural and beautiful locations.

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